17 December 2007


just so you know . . . paperwhites are a kind of bulb. They are a type of narcissus (daffodil). They have small white flowers that look just like the big yellow daffodils in the spring but are only used for forcing (bringing plants inside to trick them into blooming early) during the winter. I think they're very pretty, but they can get smelly if they're in a small room. It's always nice to have flowers before spring.

Other bulbs used for forcing are: amaryllis (red), and tulips (orange/red), and hyacinths (pink/purple).

15 December 2007

See how they grow

I got myself some paperwhites the other day while Christmas shopping (with 4 boys). The instructions said to leave them in a dark place for 2 weeks while the roots take hold, then put them in a sunny place. So they're in my kitchen right now (not really dark, but not in a window or anything), in a lovely glass dish Juli got me at DI (thanks Juli), in some rocks that came with flowers when Luke was born (thanks Krista). Maybe it will be fun to watch them grow.

14 December 2007

I'm not sure about this

Is it just me or does every blogger start narrating her own life in her head? It's kind of like when you play Tetris all day long for several days and then you see Tetris pieces falling everywhere. In the windows, in the fence posts, even just in space. I just keep thinking in blog. I've already thought of several posts I could be making. However, I'm making a resolve. I don't know the specifics yet, but I will figure that out when I'm off the computer!

13 December 2007

The reason for the blog

Here are a few pictures of Luke I downloaded yesterday. I did not make the quilt but my lovely mother-in-law Anabel did.

Not a writer

So I have put off having a blog for 2 reasons. 1. I'm not a great writer. 2. I haven't had a digital camera.

Since I finally broke down and bought the digital camera (I still like my SLR better), you'll just have to deal with me being a mediocre writer. I'll just post lots of pictures, which really is the only reason I'm doing this. That's always the best part of the book anyway, the pictures. Maybe my writing skills will improve in the meantime.