31 March 2011

Crossed something off my list

I have finally put up this light (and etched the glass for it as well). Our stairwell has been without a light since we moved in several years ago and removed the horrible one that was there.

Next up: Painting the stairs. (That green is actually for the walls - but I'm not loving it - so my project has been stalled until I figure out what color will look right.) Here is the updated goal list

30 March 2011

a man quilt

blogged at my quilt blog - leedle deedle quilts

29 March 2011

a new old quilt

blogged at my quilt blog - leedle deedle quilts.

27 March 2011

Luke butters his toast

Who know what I was doing the other day when Luke had this much time to put this much butter on 3 toasts (his favorite food.)

25 March 2011

Jack learns to grill steaks

Dan is the BBQ man around here. I have no clue when it comes to grilling. He has to pass down his skills - right?

First - check the temperature! If it's too hot - don't open it.

Second - Clean the grill.

Third: put your steaks on the grill

When we ate dinner Sam was sure to tell Jack "thanks for making dinner". He's always very grateful for his food.

(So you know - I didn't take photos of every step - but Jack did pretty much everything.)

24 March 2011

Luke and Wormie

The other day (one of the first sunny days) Luke was out laying in our back yard. (Apparently playing 'taking a nap'?)

He said: Mom? You want to take a nap wuff Wormie?

I said: Who's Wormie?

He said: Wormie? He's my wormie. He's in 2nd age (grade?) - cuz he's older than me.

I went out to look and here's what he showed me:

It's a little house for Wormie that Charlie made (I think). Luke looked under the house a few days later and was concerned to see that Wormie wasn't there anymore. Cute guy.


spring is here.

This little guy actually bloomed 2 weeks ago (and is still in bloom). He's only about 4 inches tall - stem and all.

23 March 2011

hey hey we're the monkees

For Christmas I made Jack a hat. Jack has been wearing that hat since Christmas. I am not joking. He even sleeps in it.

This reminded us of the Monkees. Because there was that one guy who always wore a green hat with a pompom. Dan knew his name was Mike. But I only remembered Davy. Did you used to watch the Monkees?

We've been watching the episodes - and they're pretty great. I would recommend them. We've also been listening to the music.

Here's my favorite song (which I'm pretty sure I'd never heard before our little Monkees revival period.)

p.s. Jack was being supervised while grilling steaks - that will be a later post.

a new quilt!

I finished this quilt a few weeks ago. For more info - go check out my quilt blog.
p.s. this is one thing I can cross off my list!

08 March 2011

baby onesies and other things

I bought more than a few onesies well before Henry was born with the intent of doing some freezer paper stencils. I'm just now getting around to it! (Can you believe Henry is already 4 months old? Me neither).

These first three I made for Henry. I like how they turned out! (mostly)

These next three are for a new friend - Aiya - who was just born. (For the one on the right I used fabric to cover up some ugly stitching that said "handsome").

Henry still sleeps in his basket-cradle. I often find him sleeping with his left arm up and one of his feet poking out. Cute.

Dan regularly dresses like this - it's true - but he actually wore this to church the other day - for our ward party. I tried to persuade him to open his shirt all the way. What can I say - he's a modest guy.