02 June 2012

NYC: the food

We tried to take photos of all the food we ate, just so I could do a blog post about it. Honestly - eating in NY was one of the best parts about it.

Street meat. Our friend has been telling us about THE BEST gyro cart. When we called him to find out where it was - it was only a few blocks away from us. It was delicious - and messy.

This little treat was staring at us from a window. We stared at it through the window for quite some time before we decided to take him home with us. We also bought an almond thing like this, but ate it before we could get a picture.

At a Cuban restaurant. I'm the one who requested Cuban, but after we ate all this food I remembered that what I had wanted to try was a Cuban pressed sandwich.  Here we had roasted chicken - SO GOOD, shrimp creole, avocado salad, fried plantains, and creamy chicken pasta. 

a little ice cream cone from someone with a cooler on a cart.

italian ice - yummo.

Seriously good salad! Which I almost forgot to take a photo of. I want to recreate this at home.

This root beer was all fancy and natural. But it didn't actually taste very good. 

NY slice

First thing I got - a pretzel. It actually wasn't that good. It was pretty dry and they all looked like that. The mustard did make it a bit better. And we still ate it, of course.

macarons! I'd never tasted these before and I thought they couldn't be that great because they're all shades of pastel.  But I was wrong. They are SO good. I've even tried making my own since being back.

flavors: almond, orange blossom, coconut, lavender & honey, lemon, chocolate ginger, creme brulee, and pistachio

cute little bottle - and the drink was good too.

samosas - my fave. but the mint chutney was not as good  as I'm used to.

can't go wrong with chicken tikka masala
a little chocolate gelato...

...which we bought from this adorable place. Everything inside looked SO good! I got mango gelato.

And there you have it. We enjoyed (pretty much) every last crumb of it.