30 November 2009

Tonight while looking at an art book with Luke we came across a photo of the David by Michelangelo.

Luke says: pants off (with a concerned look on his face).

23 November 2009

jewelry open house

I had my first jewelry show on Saturday. I've sold at the school boutique and at a few consignment shops before, but this was my first real show. And I was the only vendor. I am happy to report that it went well and was a success! Not many people came, but every single person who came bought something!

This is my little setup right at the end of the show.

I'm planning on doing a little jewelry giveaway soon, but first I need to list a few new things in the shop. I made 18 necklaces last week and 11 of them sold! If you've never looked at my etsy shop before, check it out. There are some great gift ideas for very reasonable prices.

18 November 2009

what up

Fun things going on lately (within the last month or two):

I've been keeping this fabric on my dining table (not unusual as there is A LOT of fabric on my dining table) so that I can stare at and pet it whenever I want. I've just been dreaming of what
to do with it . . .

Speaking of fabric - I decided not to start anything new until I finish at least one of my seven unfinished quilts (all pretty much sitting on the dining table).

Charlie had a scratch next to his nose and wore this bandaid to church one day. Dan was horrified and lucky for him Charlie couldn't comfortably drink water with it on - so he took it off himself before anyone could see it. I thought it was cute. Glad I got a photo.

I finally finished painting the front door (the inside). It has been on my resolution list for the last two years (see here and here). First I tried black and hated it. So I painted it white, but it's a different white than all the trim in the room. So I'll just add painting all the trim in the living room to my list for this year.

A friend offered to have a jewelry open house for me at her house this weekend! So I've been working frantically making jewelry, advertising, and packaging enough for the show. I'm excited and nervous! I've never done a show that's just me and I hope at least someone shows up! (If you're in my area and you're interested, let me know and I'll let you know where I'll be.)

Luke and Charlie home together during the day. Sometimes they are great friends. I love it when the boys find things to do together.

We've been listening to music on Pandora lately. Because it's free. You can set your own chanel by typing in a band's name and they'll pick what music they think goes with that. I don't know what Dan put in last night, but it had WAY too much dance crap on it. Stuff that I hated in high school was playing and I was about to puke. Then Ice Ice Baby came on. Word to your mother. It was kind of fun. The boys were loving it. Especially Luke. He often requests "moosic" so he can dance.

11 November 2009

It's only 3 pm

And Luke is on his fourth change of clothing . . .

first it was the eggs with runny yolks for breakfast (all over pants and shirt)

second it was the duck pond he fell into while we were on a walk (sweatshirt, shoes, pants, and shirt soaked)

third it was the pee from the nap (again - all over pants and shirt)

We'll see how long the fourth change of clothes lasts. I'm not holding my breath, but I am thankful to have my own washer and dryer.

(Luckily I was with friends during the duck pond incident. It has been a bit chilly here and the water was very cold. So after I stripped him down I dried him off with his blanket. There were 2 other dry blankets and 2 jackets available to cover him up. His lips turned from blue to red in no time and once we got home he had stopped shivering. )

05 November 2009

yahoo confirmed!

My doc called today and told me that no, I will not have to do radioiodine for sure! As far as I know I'm cancer free and will just have to be monitored forever. I'm also excited because I get to start real thyroid meds tomorrow morning (not the temporary stuff.) Which means I should be back to my old self in no time! YAY! Thanks so much to all of you for so much support :)

carving pumpkins at the last minute

We finally found a few minutes to carve some pumpkins. From L to R: Jack, Sam, Charlie, Luke. Everyone had a great time and the 3 older boys all designed their own. Sam and Jack did pretty much everything themselves. I was impressed!

Close ups of Sam's (scar face) and Jack's. They only asked for a little help with cleaning out the inside. Pretty good!

04 November 2009

It's true. Luke is getting old.

And it's sad. Happy and sad. He's so cute and says all these cute little things, and I can usually tell what he means. And then he won't stop talking, and says all the same things over and over, throws tantrums left and right, regular 2 year old stuff.

Recently I gave him a haircut. I did it when Dan was out of town. I'm sure everyone in the world is mad at me, but I'm telling you - after a certain point curly haired guys get to be stringy shaggy haired guys and it's not cute. I figured if I buzzed it, it will all grow out evenly for the next time it's curly. It worked for Charlie. I'm hoping it works for Luke (although Charlie's was always curlier.)

Other things that make Luke seem old:

he no longer has baby chub,
he wears underwear (he really wants to potty train - not great timing for me),
he reads books to himself,
he watches TV (he has never been interested before now),
he wears 3T clothes,
he wants to be a ninja.

Luckily he still has his blankie and thumb to make him seem babyish. And he still likes to cuddle.

Halloween 2009

After a trip to the massage therapist yesterday I am feeling much better! So I can finally post the costumes for this year. Be warned: I didn't feel so great this year, so I didn't exactly make the costumes. But I thought you'd at least want to see them.

Luke was the chicken (my all time favorite costume.) Every one of the boys has worn it. See them here (Jack), here (Sam), and here (Charlie). This costume was originally in one of the Martha Stewart Baby magazines and included instructions.

Charlie was Spiderman. Honestly I am quite snobby about using store-bought costumes and have never done it until this year. We borrowed this one from a friend. Charlie was very happy with it and I was happy that all I had to do was pick it up from her house!

Sam was a white ninja. We had most of the stuff already: white tee shirts, white pj pants (from a previous costume). I wasn't quite sure how to do a ninja mask and I didn't want to make one, so we used this tutorial to make one from a t-shirt. We used a souvenir shirt and Sam kept taking it off all night because it was itchy. So he looked more like a guy wearing all white with a Cabo shirt around his neck. Oh well.

Jack was a black ninja. We also had all of his stuff already (pants from previous costume). I only had to buy the t-shirt for the mask. At first I was worried because he looked a little more like a terrorist than a ninja. But that was the day before Halloween and I wasn't going to go searching for something else. His mask stayed on much better during trick-or-treating.

Here's the whole crowd. Click here for the complete previous Halloween photos.

02 November 2009


Sorry it took me so long to post a winner. I've had a serious headache since Sunday morning. It's lessened, but it's still going strong. So you won't hear from me again until it's gone, but I wanted to post the winner:

Mel! You won! Send me an email and let me know if you'd like just one or both bags.

Thank you to everyone who entered!