29 April 2010

wedding stuff

Well - Katie got married last Saturday. To another Dan. Now we have 2 Dans. They are good for each other (Katie and Dan, not the 2 Dans). Of course, I got no photo of them or her bouquet, so you'll have to wait until I get the photos from the photographer. But I did get these photos (with my new camera, which I really like!)

Jordan, Grammie, Jack, and Sam

Jack and Jordan (Jamie's oldest) are great friends

Sam and Uncle Zach (who was lots of fun since he didn't have to coral his own kids.)

The boutonniere for the 2 dads

The corsage for the 2 moms

Dan was smart and brought airheads. Everyone was happy about that.

And we had a surprise visit from an old friend. It was really great to see Diane!

27 April 2010

Just wanted to let you know that . . .

I'm pregnant. I was trying to think of some clever way of letting you all know, but my brain is not functioning to its fullest capacity these days. It's also why I haven't been getting a whole lot done around here. Mostly I nap and read. I'm 11 weeks along and I've seen the baby kick and the heart beating and the doctor said I'm pretty much in the clear for everything going smoothly.

A few answers to questions you may have:

Yes - this was planned. Actually, it was planned and then I got cancer. So that sure postponed things for a bit.
Yes - Dan is hoping for a girl (and I sort of am too) but we're both expecting a boy.
Yes - I am nervous people will think I'm a crazy person.
Yes - I am feeling just fine. The cancer is not an issue at this point and I got the all clear from my doctors. I'm mostly just tired and don't feel like doing anything.
Yes - I've already gained like 10 pounds, and I'm annoyed. But oh well.
Yes - the boys are super excited. They all want a girl except Charlie wants a boy.
No - I'm not too nervous. At this point what's 1 more?

funnies (mostly from Charlie)

Charlie to my friend Crystal (who was babysitting him): My mom had 2 babies who died and one's name was Slappy.

in Charlie's defense - we'd told the boys about miscarriages and that I'd had 2 (a long time ago). I think Dan actually told them one of the babies was named Slappy (don't remember the other name he told them.)

We just got to meet our new baby girl cousin Callie. Charlie watched me as I was changing her diaper. He says: her private parts haven't grown in yet - but they will :)

Preface: Last year I got Dan some squirrel underpants - because that's the kind of silly thing Dan likes. So one day Dan took the boys to the park and they saw a squirrel. Charlie said (in all seriousness): We should have brought your squirrel underpants!!! (So that they could put them on that poor naked squirrel).

Laura (Dan's sister) was babysitting the boys one night while we were in Cali. Charlie got mad about something and told Laura that he hated her. Sam says: Charlie that's not nice, you don't hate Laura. If you hated Laura that would mean you hated all of her stuff, like her video games, and her Wii, and her computer, and her piano, and Super Mario. Don't say that.

22 April 2010


The other day Sam couldn't stop complaining. We were at the park and he still couldn't think of anything good in his poor little life. I think he just wanted attention (he tends to whine and that does NOT help me want to give him any good attention - maybe a slap and down to bed, but that's not so great). So I made him write a list of 20 things he's grateful for. He listed a few in the car, but he really couldn't think of anything much. He brought the list to bed with him and once he started going, it didn't take him long.

I get so sick of the whining and complaining. Especially when I'm going out of my way to do something (like take the kids to the park!) But this grateful list works. When I'm in a bad mood I do it myself.

parts the list that may need decoding
1. pillows
8. blankets
11. clothes
14. school
15. mom took us to the park
17. teachers
20. earth


I used to think I'd run a wedding flower business from my house. So far it hasn't really happened (although I did get an offer on a wedding a few weeks ago - I turned it down). But I have done several siblings' wedding flowers. And this weekend I get to do Katie's bouquet and her fiance's boutonniere (and that's it!) I'll be sure to show you the final results.

frog eyes waiting for the big day (they're a not quite as bright as I'd hoped)

These guys are waiting for the fridge

These lovelies are going to hang out by the window so that some of them will open up.

A few of the clippings in little bottle vases. So pretty in the kitchen window.

And I had to get some for me! Hopefully these stay alive for at least a week.

17 April 2010


During my 2 week hiatus, I meant to post this. These all (except for 1) happened in the same week and a half. I knew that stained glass class in college would come in handy.

1. Charlie threw a rock at the window. He was trying to throw it above the window (where there are more windows). It's such a tempting rock pile, isn't it?

2. Jack accidentally knocked this over with the broom handle (it's been in the same place for 5 years and hasn't been touched until now.)

3. Unknown. One day it was just broken. Of course, no one knew anything about it.

4. Sam threw a ball and it hit this. (How many times a day do you think I have to say "no throwing balls in the house"?) A few days later Jack finished the job (broke then entire glass piece) by throwing a ball! (Another sconce light has been broken by a lightsaber in the past.)

5. Luke broke this picture frame by knocking it over while he was walking on and climbing all over the piano.

16 April 2010

RIP my friend RIP

I remember 1 thing from a short photography class I took in high school. If you ever get sand in your camera you will not get it out. We took our camera to the beach and were not very careful to keep the sand away and guess what - it's dead now. By some miracle it died right after I photographed my last piece of jewelry for yesterday's giveaway and restocking the shop.

Since I knew my camera was ruined, I decided to try taking it apart to see if I could get into the lens (the sand got into the lens somehow and it wouldn't zoom right or focus). Guess what - I couldn't fix it. A new camera is already on it's way, but I'm still sad. I LOVE that little camera.

15 April 2010

feature and giveaway!

The lovely Hannah of Sherbet Blossom is doing a giveaway for me today!

I've been working day and night making new things for my shop and there are several new designs.

I'm also having a sale - everything is 20% off - starting today and ending next Thursday (April 22). So if you're looking for something for Mother's Day or just for fun, now's a great time to get something.

Some of the new designs

14 April 2010

just stumbled across this

and I am in love.

and just for fun

13 April 2010

Where have I been? Well, I was in California for Spring Break last week with the fam and before that I was just lazy.

Can't be lazy anymore because . . .

I've still got a bunch of stuff to put away from the trip and the house needs some cleaning
I still have several more blog posts to catch up on (225 down, 225 to go)
I have to figure out what to wear to my sister Katie's wedding (in a week and a half!)
I've got to get my shop ready for a giveaway on this blog (she's doing giveaways all this month!)
I need to get my computer worked on
I've got to order the flowers for sisters wedding
and the list goes on . . .

I'll try to get something a little more exciting up here soon.