27 March 2008

rock hounding

Apparently, that's what it's called when you go looking for rocks. Monday we went to Topaz Mountain, UT (southwest of Provo) to look for, you guessed it, topaz. Then we went a few miles away and found some obsidian, and then again to another site to find some butterscotch jasper. Jack refused to go (it was going to be a LONG drive). So I took Sam, Charlie, Luke, and my niece Katie. We met up with some other rock hound friends when we got there.


obsidian and butterscotch jasper

The boys loved it. They didn't find any topaz at the first place (mostly because they climbed all over the rocks and didn't really look for any). When we got back to the car Charlie said, "that was really fun!" At the next place, Sam dug 2 holes and filled up his bucket with sand that he tried to bring home. They didn't care about the rocks, they just liked climbing all over and eating licorice.

spring here

Here's what we woke up to this morning.

And it's supposed to snow again on Saturday.

26 March 2008

Easter daffodils

I love it that Easter's in the spring. How fitting.

ps - these daffodils didn't last too long, but they were so beautiful.

world war three (according to Jack)

Jack set up all the army guys/cowboys/indians/policemen/firemen on the dining room table. This took around an hour and no one was allowed to get near for fear that they might knock everything over. Basically, they're all set apart in groups fighting each other (or ready to fight each other.) Endless fun.

Easter duds

I asked the boys if they wanted any special Easter clothes this year. Jack said yes, he would like a suit, like Dad's. Then everyone said they wanted a suit. Being the obliging mother that I am, I got Jack and Sam suits and Charlie and Luke sport coats. Bad idea for anyone who likes to slide on the church railing or run to church. Sam's already has numerous spots on it (from such things as "accidentally" falling in the grass or wiping his chocolate hands on his jacket. Also they didn't have any dark suits in his size.) Anyway, here is a picture from Sunday.

I thought this one of Jack was cute too.

21 March 2008


Here's the first of the little lovelies to bloom at my house. This is Siberian Squill (or Scilla siberica). It's only about 3 inches tall. I love it because it's blue, of course.

19 March 2008

ta da!

Well, to be completely honest, I didn't put everything away (though I did remove it from the table for the picture.) The sewing machine's normal home is being inhabited by a large bag of Easter candy, so it's sitting in my room, and the large quilt against the wall I've been working on today, and really doesn't have a home.

I did read Charlie 3 books (including a part of a children's dictionary, which he picked out himself.)

I never worked out (big surprise, I know), and I never worked in the basement on my numerous projects down there. I think I'm going to have to hire a babysitter just to get myself down there.

ps - Kristin, I wish the dining table was my only pile, but really it's just the biggest one.

the goals for today (which I am posting so that I will have to do them):

clear off the dining room table and put everything away. (see embarrassing picture below.)

read a book to Charlie (so he doesn't spend all day watching TV).

work out in some form or another.

do something on the basement/door project.

18 March 2008

photo class

I've been taking this photo class from Nicole Hill (a lovely photographer). Here are some of my photos from the first two weeks.

week 1:

week 2:

in other news . . .

Yeah, I know this is totally boring, but it's all that I've been doing with my life these past few weeks. Planning the kitchen. Last night I spend a good 2 hours just buying the actual appliances. On Saturday I spent well over 4 hours just picking them out online, comparing them, looking at consumer reports, it was a stressful day. You'd think it would be exciting, but at this point I really wish I had the money to just hire a kitchen designer. Here's pretty much what we're getting.

This is not the actual fridge, I couldn't find a picture of the one we are getting. But this is the same idea, no water dispenser, just clean and neat (and side-by-side and counter depth.)


I'm not for scare tactics, and I think this video is pretty good at not scaring you (until the end). Anyway, it is a good education on what to do when a pan catches fire in your kitchen. This happened to me a little while ago and I had no clue what to do. (Luckily it wasn't an oil fire and I knew I shouldn't pour water on it anyway.)Thanks Carrie, for sending the video.

ps - I would watch this with sound.

12 March 2008


I've been biting my nails this past week or so wondering if we were going to be able to get the cabinets we wanted for the kitchen. I found out today we will be able to get them! Here's pretty much what they'll look like.

They'll be all white like this with the same door style. There will also be one drawer above each lower cabinet. None of the doors will have glass in them. We will also have a microwave above the stove instead of a hood like this one. Oh - and no crown molding above, they'll go all the way to the ceiling with some sort of simpler trim at top. Anyway, it's going to be a big undertaking (this kitchen) and the next step is buying some appliances. (I haven't had a dishwasher for about 15 years). It's going to be so great when it's done!

(picture from kraftmaid.com)

09 March 2008

boo hoo

I forgot that last week I found out that Flight of the Conchords was supposed to be here in a few months for a closed show. I tried to send them an email telling them to put on a show for everyone, but I had the wrong email address and it didn't work. They actually came last week and I'm so sad I didn't get to see them. Here's another video, just to make me feel better.

general update

Wow. It's been 6 days since I posted. A long time! Here's a little update about what I've been doing. If I were a good blogger I'd have pictures to go along with this update, but I was just way too busy to remember!

Tuesday: Went to a photography class at Nicole Hill's house. It was in Provo at 8 pm, so I didn't get home until about 11 pm. Late for me these days.

Wednesday: Spent pretty much all day figuring out which cabinets we need to redo the kitchen. Yes, it's exciting if I think about the end result, but it's pretty stressful if I think about any other part of it. (I'll keep you updated if we ever get started on this.)

Thursday: Who knows? I can't remember this day at all.

Friday: Tried to make cupcakes all morning but got about 20 billion phone calls. Finally got the cupcakes ready for group lessons. (Jamie and I trade piano lessons with each others' kids.) So after that I went to Jamie's for piano group lessons with all the kids (8 of them). After group lesson rush home to get ready to go to Annie Elmer's flute concert. Got to Provo just in time for the recital to start. Pretty great. If you've never been to one of Annie's flute concerts, you should go.

Saturday: Get ready to go to Rexburg. (Yeah, I know, you're all jealous.) Get to Rexburg (after 4 hour drive). Go swimming in the pool at the hotel. (The kids were SOOOOOO excited about this and I think it went just like they wanted it to.) Hang out with all Elmers in the Rexburg area. (And played a little Ticket to Ride Europe-style.)

Sunday: Went to church on BYUI campus because Will blessed his new babe. Hung out for a little while in Rexburg and drove around to see all of Dan's old apartments. Finally got back to good old Salt Lake (I'm so glad I don't live in Rexburg.)

Wow - quite a week. I usually like to play it a little more low-key, but it was a pretty good week anyway.

03 March 2008


Sam and Charlie have been singing this little tune all day, "Mary had a little lamb, lost her sheep at home."

Charlie loves to ask us all this: 'member on Elf? sumanutcracker? (son-of-an-nutcracker). After which he laughs and laughs. (They all love Elf)

Charlie calls it a "louder" rather than a "ladder". He also calls his cousin Alex "Owlex".

A few months ago Jack asked me: who are those guys called who say ottergyle?
me: I'm not sure who you mean.
Jack: You know, the ones who play the pipe cleaner?
me: oh - Scottish people, who play the bagpipes and wear argyle?

Sam: Today can we go to Little Tweezers for some pizza?

Sam's eating an apple slice, except for the skin.
Me: you know that skin's good for you, right?
Sam: yeah, it helps you grow skin.

02 March 2008


No, I'm not yet ready to do a giveaway myself, but Molly, over at a few of my favorite things has been stocking up and she's going to be doing tons of giveaways! For the next 2 weeks she will be doing a giveaway-a-day! Check out her blog and maybe you can win some cool stuff!