29 January 2011


In case you didn't read my long long post about what I'm going to do in 2011 - one of the things on my list is to learn how to play the drums.

Because Dan got me a 5 piece drum kit for Christmas.

Because I rock the drums on Rock Band.

28 January 2011

oh my cute

and the winners are . . .

Thank you so much to all of you who entered the giveaway for my sister's new etsy shop - marbled cards!

The winners are Kati and jlj!

Would you both please email me and let me know which 3 cards you'd like?

27 January 2011

enjoying the babe

I sure like this little guy. I can't believe he's almost 3 months!

Did I tell you we think his hair is red? It's hard to tell because he doesn't have much. And what he came with is disappearing and new fuzz is growing in. But even his eyebrows look reddish.

He's also smiling. It's so fun. The other day he even laughed a tiny bit.

24 January 2011

a giveaway for you!

My little sister Katie just opened her own etsy shop! It's called Marbled Cards and it's full of - you guessed it - cards that have been hand-marbled.

Marbling is done by floating paint on top of water. The paint is applied to the surface and then is moved around to make interesting designs. Paper is then laid on the water and removed, transferring the paint to the paper. It takes a lot of practice to make a good product, and Katie's gotten really good at it in the 15 or so years she's been doing it.

Onto the giveaway! Katie is giving away the winner's choice of 3 cards! And there will be 2 lucky winners!

To enter:

please leave a comment here telling which card is your favorite.

For additional entries - (come back and leave an extra comment for each additional entry):

1. add her shop - marbledcards - to your etsy favorites.

2. blog about this giveaway

Giveaway will be open until midnight this Thursday (MST). Winners will be announced this Friday morning.

23 January 2011


Luke kept going between being Batman and some other costume that I can't remember now, it's been so long. In the end I'm glad it was Batman because we already had all the stuff for it.

Of course we own a Batman shirt. And of course - Luke refused to wear it. He insisted on wearing this shirt. At least it's mostly black.

I made three of these capes for Christmas when Charlie was a baby. On the reverse side is blue with a Superman logo.

sam the nerd

Sam likes to cross his eyes and make goofy faces. So this was a great costume for him. And for his teeth.

the nicest cowboy i've ever met

I'm not sure what it is - but when Charlie takes photos lately, he gives me the cutest smiles. I get them in real life a lot too. It's just so cute - I'm glad it's documented. Since I took his Halloween photos first - I'm posting them first.

(If you'll remember, I only took his photos because he was ready all day long. By the time everyone else was ready - it was dark and I was planning to take photos the next day. But the next day I went into labor and then . . . you can read the rest of the story here if you want to.)

Also - please compare these photos to these photos of Jack when he was 4 years old.

Charlie carved this pumpkin pretty much by himself. If you blow the picture up, you can see that he stabbed his name above the eyes of the jack-o-lantern.

21 January 2011

just a few Christmas photos

This year I talked the boys into acting out the Nativity. Dan read Luke 2 while the boys "acted it out". They didn't really do much acting, they just dressed up. And just in case you wondered - they were dressed up as shepherds and not jedis. Jack was an angel. And Sam's lightsaber was supposed to be a shepher's staff.

Here they are adoring the baby Jesus (who wasn't very happy the whole time.)

This year Carrie and Todd were here for a wedding. We loved playing with Penny and Stella and playing Settlers with Carrie and Todd. Yay for cousins! The only one we were missing was River.

13 January 2011


I quit nursing. It was just too hard. I was really mad yesterday when I decided to do it. Mad that I can't make it work. But happy that I won't have to deal with it anymore.

I basted my queen quilt last Saturday at Sewing Saturday (thanks for documenting Kati). I started quilting it yesterday and something's wrong with the tension on my machine. I worked on it for an hour before I noticed. That will be a lot of unpicking. And if I can't get the tension figured out, I may just had quilt it. Ugh.

Luke is potty training again. For the 25th time or something. Today went pretty well, with only one accident. I hope it lasts.

I'm trying to figure out if it's too late to send baby announcements. If you read my blog, you've seen photos, but there are several friends who don't read my blog. And would I be a horrible mother if I sent announcements for all the babies but Henry? I was going to send them with the Christmas cards, but then we never did them.

I did get one thing done on my very long list. But it's kind of boring, so I'm not showing you a photo of it. Instead, here's a photo of Henry.

Also - is it too late for Christmas photos? I still haven't posted Halloween either!