29 September 2009

sigh (or ugghh)

I went to the doctor today. I asked him if he can give me a for sure YES or NO on radioactive iodine. He can't. I have to wait until I see the endocronologist AND after he looks at my labs. But my doctor (surgeon) thinks I probably will have to have the radioactive iodine.

I'm really bummed. I've known this was a possibility the whole time but I just kept hoping I wouldn't have to do it. Here's what happens: for 2 weeks before the treatment I have to stop taking my thyroid meds. So I will have pretty much no energy. During those 2 weeks I also have to eat no iodine. That means I have to make all the food myself and I can't eat anything prepared (no bread, no dairy, I'm not sure what else yet.) After those 2 weeks I do the radioactive iodine and I need to stay with someone who has no kids and has an extra bathroom.

So it's going to be even longer until I feel back to normal and I'm going to be totally useless for about 3 weeks. I know this isn't going to last forever and that lots of people have it a lot worse than me but this still sucks and I wish I didn't have to do it. I want to be making Halloween costumes and quilts and Christmas things, but instead I just sit here. I did read a book yesterday. But I need to paint my ceiling in my room and make a dress and the list goes on. Anyway - I'm frustrated and I felt like writing about it on here. Sorry for complaining.

26 September 2009


for my mom coming to help us for over a week
for my mother-in-law coming to help for a week
for getting my stitches out and my scar healing rather quickly
for my ward finishing (for the most part) our fence (photos coming someday)
for dan
for the greatest ward ever
for several lovely floral bouquets, a fruit basket, and some caramel apples
for having to stay in the hospital only 1 night
for sleep
for scarves and turtlenecks (both of which I have never really been fond)
for modern medicine (surgery, pain pills, good doctors and nurses, and thyroid medication)
for you and all your nice comments, emails, thoughts, and prayers

thank you, really.

17 September 2009


It was cancer. I'm kind of disappointed because it would have been nice to have it all over with. But I'm sure everything will still work out okay. I might not have to have radioactive iodine, I guess I find out after meeting with an endocronologist in a month or more. So there are still a few more unknowns and waiting.

But here's what I do know: There was only 1 tumor with cancer (good), the cancer was contained in that tumor and doesn't look like it had spread (good), they removed a lymph node next to the tumor that looked suspicious but it was not cancerous (good), the cancer was small (also good).

Also - good thing I had the whole thing removed or I would have been having another surgery soon. Thanks for your prayers on that one.

So I guess I will keep you posted, but I probably won't know too much for a week or so (when I go back to the doctor.)

p.s. - My scar is really scary looking (please don't say "just in time for halloween"). I've been debating taking a photo of it let alone putting it up on the blog. The kids asked me to cover it up so I've been wearing a bandana and they called me "cowgirl McKenzie". (Not sure who that is, but I'll take it as a compliment.)

15 September 2009

thyroid update

So I had my thyroid out yesterday. The whole thing. The docs said that everything went well and I'm home now on Tuesday night. I'm tired but not in tons of pain. I'm glad to be home. Thanks for all the well wishes, thoughts, and prayers. Just wanted you all to know that it's done and I'm doing well. I should find out in a few days if it's cancer or not. I'll let you know, of course.