30 April 2012

moab 2012

I love going to Moab. I love that it's close, I love that there is lots to do, I love that the kids love it.

Here's what we did this time.

I saw this bug on the way in and thought it was awesome. Did you know me when I used to have a bug?

Henry learned how to walk down steps on this trip. He insisted on walking this whole trail. Luckily it was only a mile. (This was the first time we'd done the windows trail and it was fun and short with 3 arches).

The boys (and especially Charlie) were constantly asking me to take pictures of them on rocks. So here is the perfect seat for Charlie.

Luke learned a great new trick. He's all about efficiency.

This is one of the windows arches (I think North.) (Charlie refused to be photographed here.)

Here are the boys at the bottom of this arch. (I think South Window.) Can you see them?

Another arch we hadn't visited before. (I think it's Turret Arch).

Here is the entrance to Sand Dune Arch - our favorite.

This is part of the reason it's the favorite. Sand all over the place. Everyone could stay for hours (except Dan and me.) The other reason it's the favorite is because there is climbing all around it and you can sort of go on top of it (although you're not supposed to climb on the arches, ever.)

We went to Denny's. The first time we went to Moab we went to Denny's for dinner and it was terrible. The boys loved it and have been begging to go back ever since. Apparently they think there is only a Denny's in Moab. I figured we could go back if we got breakfast foods and it all turned out okay.

We also hiked Negro Bill Canyon. It was a 4.5 mile roundtrip hike with several stream crossings (which I think kept everyone going.) We were all beat by the end of it.

Luckily it ended up at this gorgeous bridge (Morning Glory Bridge).

We also did a lot of swimming in the pool, eating at good restaurants, and playing at this awesome park we found. It had all kinds of xylophones and really fun stuff to play on too. We'll definitely be back!