22 February 2011

random stuff

Dan and I had a getaway with friends in Park City. Boarding for the guys - shopping and eating for the girls.

Sam and Jack threading their needles.

Charlie and cousin Callie (who came to visit us for Henry's blessing.)

All the boys with Callie. They had so much fun with her.

We had to bribe Luke with candy to get him to wear this jacket to church. This is the look we get when we tell him to smile. I love it.

21 February 2011

little red hen

This is what Henry wore on his blessing day. I had made the sweater for Charlie when he was a baby. I made these overalls a few weeks ago for baby Henry.

Henry doesn't like Dan's beard.

I did this little photoshoot because I love this little onesie and Henry is getting too big for it! Sad. I got it on etsy from Oh, Little Rabbit.

20 February 2011

Sam sews too

When Jack started his ninja project Sam also started a project. He wanted to make a bunny stuffed animal that we kind of copied from something on etsy. It wasn't an exact copy, but we were just looking for design ideas. Sam sewed on the whole face by himself, some with the sewing machine, some with hand stitching. He did a great job!

i finished a really hard quilt

I'm not sure how many of you read my long post about my goals for the year - it was long - I know. But I have finished my first quilt of the year!

I blogged about it at my new quilt blog - which I know some of you have visited. But if you haven't yet, go look at the quilt.

I also finished a few of my goals for my hallway. When it's all completed I'll take some photos and show you. It's nice to get a few things crossed off the list.

18 February 2011

something new

I have decided to start a new blog. This new blog will be devoted to my quilting and sewing stuff.

I will keep this blog (leigh leigh lumpkin) for my family stuff. So if you know me - and want to keep reading about my family - stay subscribed here. (And go subscribe to my quilt blog too - because I won't be posting all my quilts on here.)

If you subscribe to this blog only to see my quilt stuff, please unsubscribe to this one and subscribe to the new one - leedle deedle quilts.


16 February 2011

ninja guys

Last night at our school's Family Art Night there was a kids' art sale. Jack made 15 ninja guys and they all sold within the first 30-40 minutes. Then he took orders. He is so happy with all the money he made.

08 February 2011

jack the marine

Jack - ever the actor - posing in his costume (authentic - from his grandpa).

p.s. I can't believe I got actually got everyone's photos taken (only 3 months late).