30 June 2011

This guy is cute!

He's pretty nice too. But when he gets mad - he is a screamer! Right up there with Charlie.

27 June 2011

the basement

Finally getting around to posting about this.

This used to be our basement floor. It used to be a nice fir floor.

When we ripped up the top floor, this is what we found. All the support beams underneath were totally rotten. We knew that many of them were rotting because parts of the floor were bouncy. But EVERYTHING was rotten. We didn't find one dry piece of wood.

Here is all the wood piled up in the driveway. Ready to get hauled away. It took Dan and I about 4 hours to get all the wood off the floor and out of the basement.

The boys were enlisted to clean up some of the tar paper and rocks. There ended up being a bunch of concrete slabs in between each support beam. So Dan and the boys hauled out about a quarter of it that day.

Ready to pour the concrete.

It was pretty cool to watch. We all watched the whole time.

All finished! Dan also knocked some more plaster off this wall. There has been so much water damage over the years that the plaster just falls off. We are planning to paint the walls and ceiling white (they're all that horrible green). We need to make sure there's no more water leaking in before we frame in the walls and sheetrock. Anyone know anything about waterproofing basements?

17 June 2011


I did find my camera. Yippee! But then I decided that I should just do separate posts for most stuff. It will be better that way.

These are one of my favorite flowers of all time. Favorite color for sure. Forget-me-nots.

I planted a packet of these seeds a few years ago and they kind of move around from year to year. So cute. Johnny jump ups.

Sam and I went plant shopping and he begged me for this orange calla. He wanted all the colors they had (yellow, white, dark red) but since orange is my fave, we got orange. I love how it looks with this blue.

And finally - the only photo I have from the girls trip this year to Park City, Utah. First thing we did - pedicures. Next thing - eat. It was a great trip! (Ashley, my sister-in-law was taking the photo).

16 June 2011

A serious recap

Wow - I have been busy. I keep thinking of blog posts in my head, but then never posting them! So here is what I've been doing in the last month.

Okay nevermind. I just realized that all my photos are on my little camera, which has been missing for over a week. I can't give you a complete recap without it, but I will give you something.

Radishes. I planted these guys around the middle of March. They only take 50 days and they like cool weather. This was the first one I picked (around a month ago). I just took the rest out yesterday. If they're left in too long they get woody and aren't good to eat. Some of mine also had some kind of worm. Yuk.