29 January 2012


Did you know my mom is a knitter? She's made us several sweaters in the past 10 years. This Christmas she made one for Henry and one for Luke. Aren't they gorgeous?

This one for Henry is the same pattern she made for Jack and Sam and several other grandkids. (I should dig up those photos ...) How many of these have you made Mom?

This one for Luke looks very bright red, but in real life it's a more normal red. Luke requested red when my mom asked him if he wanted one, but when he got this Christmas morning he refused to try it on. I had to bribe him with candy to take these photos and he hasn't put it on since. Hopefully it will get worn soon!

Thanks Mom! I love them!

13 January 2012

did i tell you i'm addicted to instagram?

Well - I am. It's kind of like blogging except smaller and easier, since I just do it on my phone.

Even though I love instagram I'm going to make a better effort of documenting things on this blog. I'm sure you guys don't really care, but it is kind of like a journal for me. One I'd like to have for later.

I may be doing a bit of catch up - but for today I'm going to leave you with most of my instagram photos. If you're on instagram - come find me - I'm leedledeedle


10 January 2012

Henry talks