07 January 2008


I really shouldn't start this post out with a complaint, but it's too bad that we think about being grateful only in the month of November. So here's a list of some things that I'm grateful for right now.

1. The way Luke wakes me up in the morning by cooing rather than screaming. Even when he's soaked and hungry.

2. Stripes (in any form).

3. How Sam never forgets to kiss and hug me at night, even when I'm mad at him for not going to sleep.

4. The new snow. It's snowed a few times in the last week and it makes everything look so clean and beautiful.

5. Chocolate fondue (the best is pineapple).

6. Jamie living here!

7. Jack reading the scriptures by himself in bed at night.

8. The Soundtrack for Pride and Prejudice (beautiful).

9. Dan. After spending 4 hours in the ER late at night with Charlie, I just wanted to go to bed, but I still had a long list of groceries to get. I went to bed anyway. Dan went to the gym (at 11:30 pm) but before he left he looked in my purse for the grocery list. He couldn't find it but bought everything on the list he could remember AND flowers. What a nice guy.

10. Charlie trying to be good by saying "shushie" in stead of "shut up".


Kate said...

A lovely list. Bust about the stitches. We haven't had stitches... but Tyson got staples in his head once!
Thanks for commenting on my blog. I often wonder who (if anyone) ever reads it. And I wonder if I sound like a crazy.
I discovered the link to your blog on Sara's recently, so of course I've been checking yours too. You've always been so creative and crafty... and I've always wanted to be more like you. :) I love your blog's title too. Everytime I read it, I start making up poems in my head.
How is your fam? I want updates on your siblings. And I can't wait to see your card (assuming Sara got one).

jlj said...

i love charlie's attempt at sushie. ;) and ps the pride and prejudice soundtrack is amazing.

jamie said...

Hey, nice that I'm on your list. As you can see I finally read your blog. It was my birthday present to you. ha ha.