01 January 2008

it's that time again

The time for New Year's resolutions. I love this time of year. I think this blog will be great for keeping track of my goals. Hopefully it will help me stay motivated to complete them.

The Goals:

1. To speak in a kinder voice.

We had a really boring church speaker a few months ago, but he had such a nice voice. He spoke gently and softly and I thought, "I'd really like to speak like that all the time." I'm not really sure how I will accomplish this goal, but it's one I'll be working on for longer than this year I'm sure.

2. Get some good control of the finances.

Yes, I have okay control, but I will be adding to the 401K this year and also sticking to the budget better. I think we'll go back to the cash days instead of using plastic so much. I'll let you know how it works.

3. Complete numerous projects already started. (Pictures will follow when projects are complete).
a. DONE paint benches (made in a class Fall 2006)
b. DONE sand and paint boxes to go under benches (made in same class)
c. paint 1 2 doors for downstairs bedroom (the new bedroom for Jack and Charlie, once all the projects are completed)
d. DONE rod and shelves for downstairs closet (for same bedroom)
e. DONE finish quilting and bind Amy Butler quilt 1
f. DONE sew top together and quilt and bind Amy Butler quilt 2
g. DONE finish quilting and bind fish quilt for Charlie
h. DONE finish Katie's quilt (resizing because I made it too small originally)
i. DONE sew top together and quilt and bind red quilt
j. DONE quilt and bind living room quilt
k. DONE paint inside front door
l. DONE paint and finish dresser
m. pulls and legs for green cabinet for living room (which I bought at least 2 years ago, but stopped working on it when I accidentally drilled into my hand.)

There are many other projects I would like to complete this year, these are just the ones I started when I was pregnant, and then lost all will to do anything but carry a baby and feed the other boys. (Actually some of them were started well before I was pregnant.) Finishing these should free up some space in all of my closets where I store unfinished projects!

What are your goals for the year?


carrie said...

hey we have the same goals. Oh, except for a lot of those. Sheesh you should be busy this year. I will be checking in on you.

Nancy said...

I'll give you ten.

1. To call Leigh more often.
2. To ask Leigh to make me an Amy Butler quilt (or the weekend bag?)!
3. To start my Christmas knitting by June so that it's finished by Christmas 2008.
4. To knit for myself, starting now.
5. To get in control of the finances! Vertex has an ESPP that has a guaranteed 15% rate of return every six months and right now I only have 3% going in, I hope to max it out by June.
6. To look good in a bikini by spring break (I'm almost there believe it or not!)
7. To make and actually stick to a birthday calendar, where I actually send cards instead of calling the person 2 days after their birthday.
8. To stop procrastinating the law school studying and actually read something on saturdays and sundays.
9. To call my Grandma once a month.
10. To do a gut check on the above nine things at least once a week!

sara said...

That "kinder voice" one is a good idea. When I only had 2 kids I never raised my voice & always kept my temper... but once I had 4 kids, all that went out the window. It's definitely something that takes extra effort!