05 February 2008

a new toy

Well, not a toy exactly. I wanted to get something for the sideboard/buffet piece of furniture we have in the dining room. It seems to be one of many collecting places for junk at our house. In the fall we had 3 lovely white pumpkins on it to prevent people from dumping their junk. It seemed to work, but pumpkins don't last forever. So I've been searching for a perfect something.

Every time I go into this home consignment shop nearby, I kind of want a typewriter. So I got one (even though Dan didn't think it was really a great idea.) A bonus - the boys love to play on it. Pretty much everyone does.

1 comment:

Kate said...

I said something about a typewriter the other day and Tyson laughed and laughed. "What's a TYPEWRITER?" That's super cool.
P.S. I love your valentine song mix.