18 March 2008


I'm not for scare tactics, and I think this video is pretty good at not scaring you (until the end). Anyway, it is a good education on what to do when a pan catches fire in your kitchen. This happened to me a little while ago and I had no clue what to do. (Luckily it wasn't an oil fire and I knew I shouldn't pour water on it anyway.)Thanks Carrie, for sending the video.

ps - I would watch this with sound.


sara said...

Wow. That happened to a co-worker of Aaron's; they threw water on it and burned half their kitchen down. Funny you posted this; Aaron & I were just talking about this the other day.

Heidi Atkin said...

Baking soda also works really well.

Casey said...

this actually happened to me on my mission, the dumb youth were cooking something on the stove and it started on fire and almost caught the roof on fire. episode two happened when Amanda tried cooking popcorn on the stove and the oil got to hot and started on fire, well of course we didn't know what to do and i'm pretty sure i screamed like a little girl, but i grabbed the pot and threw it on the linoleum floor where it melted a nice circle, but i had my wits about me to throw the lid on top of it to smother the fire. Amanda claims i first tried to put it out by throwing flour on it to try and smother it and instead flaming globs of flour just blew up all over my arm, which i guess I vaguely recall happening. Well, I guess this is probably the longest comment ever, i didn't intend for it to be.