19 March 2008

the goals for today (which I am posting so that I will have to do them):

clear off the dining room table and put everything away. (see embarrassing picture below.)

read a book to Charlie (so he doesn't spend all day watching TV).

work out in some form or another.

do something on the basement/door project.


polka dots said...

Love how real you are Leigh! I have a corner in my bedroom that looks like your dinning room table every now and then.

Casey said...

Leigh, this is actually about your photos, but I couldn't actually leave a comment on that one blast it all. I love the composition of the red polka dot drapes and the red colander and how the polka dots reflect off the colander. a very strong and subtle composition. I also love the kid shots. Rule of Thirds Rules!

ang said...

how did you do?

Stephanie said...

You make me want to get a blog started just so I could put my to do list up and feel like I had to do it. Way to go, Leigh. All your stuff hides a great table. I love it and the light floors and red walls.