15 April 2008

Dan writes

Yes, Dan writes, but not on MY blog.

I came home Sunday to a guilty looking Dan who said something like, "don't be mad, but I left a comment on Razy's blog . . . I know I haven't left one on yours yet . . . "

Am I offended? Yes. Truly.

However, I will lead you to the comment because, as you suspect, it is hilarious. (His is the longest and by "anonymous".)

Dan - you owe me a guest post (or your own blog.)


sara said...

Yeah, he should guest post for sure sometime!

Ashley said...

don't feel too bad, brad NEVER comments on my blog either!

KA said...

Sorry to offend but it WAS hilarious :)

Jamie said...

Do you think Dan would ever consider writing a newspaper column? I haven't read anything that's he's written that wasn't funny. Yes, eyebrow raising at times but always funny.