16 April 2008

Story of Stuff

Thanks to Marta, I just got to watch this movie. It talks about our super consuming society and how that is so hurtful (to our world, to us). It's very interesting, even though there are a few biases which you may or may not agree with. There's also a blog, which helps with suggestions on how you can help. I just thought I'd share it with all of you - hope you like it!


Angela said...

Little Luke you look great, cute boy, Leigh remember me when he becomes a famous piano player, since I was the first to sit with him and let his expressions fly. Jk
Awesome quilt, I think it would be a nice pattern, what one have you done that wouldn’t?

polka dots said...

I just finished watching this video. I can't stop thinking about it. Thanks for blogging something thoughtful. I needed to use my brain today.