24 May 2008

first real camping trip with the boys

We did go camping once on Mimi and Papa's property, but it was in the field, and it took 2 seconds to set up, and if we forgot something we just drove up to the house to pick it up.

This time we went to Goblin Valley. We went with about 10 other families, which was great because there were lots of friends to play with. The kids climbed all over these rocks where our campground was.

We brought WAY too much food, didn't get any sleep the first night because it was so rainy and windy, didn't take showers (even though they had them there), rode bikes on the road, hiked all over, lost our 1 toothbrush, and had lots of fun! I would go back again. It was a fun place for all ages.

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Kate said...

That is such a great shot of the boys. They are darling. And again, the rocks are beautiful.