24 May 2008

friday afternoon . . .

after resting (not really) for a little bit we decided to go check out Little Wild Horse Canyon. It's one of those narrow canyons that I've dreamed about hiking, ever since I saw a photo like this (which was I believe is in Zion's).

Little Wild Horse wasn't quite as orange and red, but it was still gorgeous. There's a hike where you go through this canyon and come back through Bell canyon, but that was 11.5 miles, so we just went a few miles (maybe just short of 2) in and then came back. Towards the end we ran into a lot of water because of the rainfall the night before. I wish we could have done the whole hike, but it would have been impossible with kids. Dan and I will just have to go back sometime by ourselves!

Jack and Sam blazed the trail pretty much the whole way. I was at the very end trying to get Charlie to hurry up. Luckily there were lots of other people there to help us keep our kids from getting into too much trouble.

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emily and logan said...

okay, when logan gets back let's all go together! this looks so cool!!