05 May 2008

The Trip

We're back, we got back Sunday, and I'm still trying to get used to the 4 hour time change. Basically we had a great time, but it was hard for us to relax for 6 days. After the 2nd day of sleeping, reading, and driving around we both decided we needed something to do. I'm glad we have the boys to keep us busy, or we might just bore ourselves to death! I'll do a little post about each day so it won't be way too long with pictures and everything.

Basically the plan was not to make any plans and just do whatever we wanted. Sleeping in was wonderful (and sleeping through the night was too.) Reading was nice, I've been wanting a chance to read and I certainly got that. Being only with Dan was a little harder than I expected, just because we're also always juggling the boys. But of course it was still nice.

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Jan said...

I was surprised to see you yesterday, Leigh! It was a good surprise, though, and I'm glad that you had a nice time over there :)

P.S. - Your boys are super fun! I liked bugging Charlie :)