05 May 2008


After waking up at 4 am (8 am our time), we hung out for a bit since nothing was open. It was nice to just sit around for once. Then we got going on the road to Hana, a windy road with more than 100 hairpin turns and over 50 one lane bridges (I don't remember the exact numbers). It was gorgeous! It's in the rainforest part (I was surprised the whole island was not a rainforest). So it was a little rainy, super lush and green, and made me kind of sick (the winding drive.) There were about 8 stops you could take along the way and it was an all day thing.

We stopped at a black sand beach which also had some cool caves nearby.

Then we stopped at a waterfall which we were not too impressed with. You were supposed to be able to swim there, but the water looked kind of gross, so we didn't. Also on the way this kid (teenage) asked us if we wanted to buy some weed (the first time I've ever been propositioned. Dan says it's because I look too righteous to be propositioned.)

We also stopped at a fruit stand where the girl running it (who was from Sweden) let us try all the things we'd never seen or heard of before. There was a fruit that tasted and felt like brown sugar (don't remember the name.) This one (green) was called a Jack fruit - she said it smells like Juicy Fruit gum.

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