02 June 2008


Things I hated about the old kitchen:

no disposal.
the floor, although cute, was very difficult to keep clean.
no cupboard doors. although it seems like it will be great - everything has to be organized, and it just usually looks messy.
the stove with only 2 burners and an always too hot oven.
the microwave being on the floor.
the hulking fridge.
the counters were tile (sorry no pic) and very cute, but very gross grout.


Pants said...

um, so your kitchen looks like it's about the size of our apartment!

sara said...

Well your blue walls did make it look cheery :)

leigh said...

nane - it's 10'x15', i hope your apartment is bigger than that!

sare - i think i'll paint another part of it the same blue again. glad you like the color.