20 July 2008

doylestown trip

we left for doylestown, pennsylvania on july 1. the flight was hellish to say the least. eric and anabel (dan's dad and mom) offered to pick us up in newark, new jersey (over an hour away) so that we wouldn't have to rent a minivan for $1800.

highlights of the trip included:

getting stuck in a torrential downpour (literally!) and bringing home a turtle crossing the road (he was safely returned to his home the next day),

going swimming with gma and gpa,

playing at kid's castle (thank you for not naming it kid's kastle),

dan and i going to boston (separate post to follow),

finding a froggy friend,

playing with little Libby (the wiener dog),

going to a Trenton Thunders baseball game (complete with fireworks),

playing Rock Band and Guitar Hero,

and getting to watch fireflies at night (sorry - no photo).


Carl and Mel said...

Fun!!! We missed you guys at our get together. But hey vacation can't beat it!

Carl and Mel said...

I meant Vacation beats it!

Carl and Mel said...

I meant Vacation beats it!

Pants said...

I love the rock band paparazzi shot, and dan's curled toes! So awesome, such concentration!

StefandDoug said...

Muchos photos. so fun! I love luke's chubby cheeks and pouty lips. on the photo way up there. I don't feel like going back up and posting a comment there :) call me lazy.