03 August 2008

cute jack

wow - it's so great to have an eight-year old! just now jack gave luke a bath (including washing his hair, which we told him not to do) then he got him dressed. it took him about 10 minutes to get a t-shirt and shorts on the big squirmy guy and he didn't complain or whine about it! the other day we were in the drive-thru (man am i getting sick of that place) and charlie had to go to the bathroom. i asked jack to take charlie inside and it was so great! no more taking every single person in with me if only one has to go. he's not quite ready for babysitting, or going too far away from me, but it's so nice to have some help from a kid! thanks jack!


Carl and Mel said...

It's amazing how much of a help they can be when they get older. Jack is darling. Would love to see him soon!

Angela said...

Awsome mile stone!