01 August 2008


the tile is half-way grouted. and i'm so pleased with how it looks, i thought i'd show you!

still left to do in the kitchen are several more minor jobs:
redo the vent i took out (it's hot in there)
finish up the electrical stuff
hook up the sink and replace the drain pipe
paint walls and ceiling
windows (paint and install)
trim (lots of it)
install knobs and pulls on cabinet doors and drawers
install appliances
i hope that's it! (but i'm probaby forgetting something.)


katie said...

Hey Leigh, it looks really good! Nice job

sara said...

How exciting! It's looking just great. Keep the pictures coming.

Jan said...

Way awesome job, Leigh Leigh Lumpkin!

emily said...

wow, i'm glad i didn't help. there's no way it would've looked that good :)