29 September 2008

tried a new cake

I thought this cake was beautiful and it has fresh ginger in it. So I tried it last night. It was pretty good. Mine did not look as pretty because I messed up the caramel sauce, but it was good.
Recipe and photo from marthastewart.com

And in case this link doesn't work, the cake is called Molasses-Spice Cake


Jan said...

That looks so good, Leigh! I love spicy cakes! I'm a big fan of autumn flavored food. Not that autumn has a flavor but you know what I mean...

Anonymous said...

Leigh, thanks for the idea with the play. I actually heard the writer interviewed on NPR on the way home from work, sounds risque for the temparooster. Thanks for visiting temparoo. part of the Stephenie Meyer interview is up now, and yes this is all we do at work.