22 October 2008


Sprinklers: Last week I gave up on the sprinkler system. Dan E. came to help us (again!) and we got part of the way done in the front yard when I started going crazy. Having a deadline always makes me a little crazy and since the deadline was "when it gets too cold" I wasn't sure when exactly it would be. Also, with soccer every Saturday (2 games), there was little time for going outside, sans kids, and working. Crazy. (And how am I supposed to have time to make Halloween costumes and put the sprinklers in?) So last week I called a contractor and got a bid. The bid was for a lot of money and I'm pretty sure my sanity's worth it, so I'm going to pay. Dan figures it's worth my sanity too. He's a supportive guy. The sprinkler guys are starting "in the morning" (you know contractors) and should be finished doing the sprinklers and laying sod (might as well do it all) by Monday I hope. I'm sure there will be before and after pictures for you all when it's done. And peace of mind for me.

Halloween Costumes: Still not quite finished. I always think I have until October 31st, but there's always something going on before then. It's almost time to start going crazy. Charlie's costume is done, minus head piece. Sam's is completely done. Jack's is in the process. Luke's isn't even started but should be quick. I'm not giving any hints until the pictures, but I love how some of you have asked how they're coming.

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sara said...

Oooooo sounds exciting! The costumes I mean. Sprinklers aren't very exciting, although I do agree about having them done by someone else. Aaron has been just moving some of ours (little backyard remodel) and it's a pain.