11 December 2008


How does it work out that I like to be busy and have lots of things to do, and I also go crazy when I have lots of projects and am busy? I'm feeling the stress these days. All shopping is done for the boys and Dan. All extended family gifts are purchased (except for one, but I know what it is, I just need to go get it.) Some of them are even wrapped! I was hoping for a lovely holiday time with the boys, making cookies and doing fun Christmasy things. But instead I find myself yelling at everyone and feeling like there's no way I'm going to get it all done in two weeks! Definitely not the Christmas Spirit I was hoping for. That's why I'm posting my Must Do Before Christmas List here. To cut out the things that really don't have to be done, and to get done the things that are important to me.

Finish making something for Dan (it's going to be good, but it's taking WAY longer than I originally thought - maybe it will just become a birthday present.)

Finish Luke's and Jack's pjs. (Sam's and Charlie's are already done, wrapped, and under the tree.)

Get that one gift at the store(This would require me to leave my house, which is difficult for me sometimes - like when I have a billion things to do around here.).

Send gifts to 3 different people.

Finish stockings for refugees (one of those things I volunteered for and now I'm kicking myself for).

I've wanted to make a tree skirt for the past 10 years and have never even started. Last week I started, but I probably won't be done before Christmas so maybe I should just forget that one.

Make cookies with the kids.

Make gingerbread houses with the kids.

Make penguin ornaments for the kids. (or maybe I'll just give them the ones in the shop.)

Hem Dan's pants. 2 pair. (trying to save money you know.)

Man. I thought that list would have been shorter. I even cut out at least a third of my other list. Maybe I just need to take a few deep breaths in the morning (maybe more than a few), make sure to say my prayers, and remember what Christmas is all about.


Mel said...

You forgot to add to the list to harrass Dan to write another Christmas letter, because he is the best at doing that! You are one busy woman, it comes with the season, I am right there with you!

Marianne & Clayton said...

I have a half finished Christmas tree skirt that I started three years ago. For the batting I am using the Christmas tree skirt that I started and never finished seven years before that. Not even kidding. What is my freaking problem?! I love your list. I would share mine but it might make me start crying. By the way. Who won the gingerbread house contest?