16 January 2009


The other day I found Luke eating a chicken breast. He'd moved the chair over to the counter where the chicken was cooling off (already cool) and started chowing down.

Other things Luke's up to:

Waking me up 1 hour before anyone needs to get up. (This is driving me crazy and making me very grumpy).

Pointing to/at everything

Giving his brothers hugs

Singing songs (with words like da da da)

Getting entertained and carried around by his brothers (as in the picture below where Jack created a little nest with blankets and toys and then pushed Luke around in it)

Smiles when I take a take a picture


Pants said...

I think my ovaries just twitched. He's so adorable, well, except for the waking you up early part!

Katie said...

What a funny guy! I love the first picture, that is so great.

Doug & Stef said...

"I'm hungry mom!" haha that is so funny!

orangeemily said...

what a cute curly haired guy! i miss being around him. good thing school starts soon.

Jan said...

ahahah - how super funny, Leigh! I love it!

Jamie said...

I love the squinty smile.