02 January 2009


Wow! Was that a busy holiday season for the rest of you? I feel like I've been going nonstop since December 1st! Right after the lego Christmas was over we left for Spokane (for Andy and Ashley's wedding.) We drove through blizzards on icy roads, but we got there. Everyone was there including Zach and fam. The cousins played nonstop in the house and in the snow caves (there was no less than 3 feet of snow plus another 6 feet + of plowed snow piled up next to the driveway), we ate lots and lots of junk, spent one full day on wedding festivities, and finally had to leave, only to drive through another very long blizzard. I wasn't that great at taking pictures of everything, but I did get some, which I will post later on. Right now I'm going to try to clean up from a trip.

ps - sadly, I'm not sure there will be a Christmas letter this year. We've done a small part of it, but there's a likely chance that it may not get finished. We'll see. Dan still has a few more days off work.


sara said...

It will be great to see pictures! Yeah, getting together with all the family can be crazy but it's so fun. Congrats to Andy! Yeah your Christmas letter was noticeably absent from our stack this year, but you know, no pressure or anything :)

Peruchos said...

Yeah for the wedding! It sounds like it all went well. How I wish I was brave like you and drove through that weather...I am a wimp. I'm glad you made it back safely.:)

orangeemily said...

Christmas letter! christmas letter! christmas letter! (it's a motivating chant only meant for dan)