30 January 2009

thank you!

thanks guys for all of your comments about my projects and looking at my blog. the back-handed compliment thing has happened to me before but not for a long time. obviously i'm a little insecure about it. so thanks for liking my blog and for looking at it and for being my friends.!

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ginny said...

Since I missed the chance to comment on the "backhanded compliment" post a few days ago, I'll do it here at the risk of starting it all up again (sorry). I feel really bad for the person who visited you--she clearly derives all her self worth by comparing herself with others. Such behavior is always a losing battle. I don't even know her but can tell she is talented in at least one area I will always need to work on--timely visiting teaching.

I love looking at all your projects. If it is something I like to do, I'm inspired. If it's an area I'm not that talented in, so be it. We've all got things we're good at.

Finally, I am of the opinion that even outright bragging (which you have never done) is A-okay on blogs--it's what they are there for. If people have a problem with braggadocio blogs, the solution is simple--stop reading them.