10 February 2009

the goals for today

1. paint (the last coat) on the tops of the benches

2. wash one load of pants (which will be difficult because the paint I'm using for the benches is oil based and if I dry anything while they're drying, it makes the clothes smell like lighter fluid)

3. go to home depot and get some pulls for the boxes

4. drink only water today (no diet pepsi) I was doing so well and then Dan got his nightly refill and it's just a habit that I take a few sips. So there went that goal, right out the window.

5. take a picture of sam and his new missing tooth

6. take a shower (i just threw this one in because i haven't taken one yet and i'll be sure to cross it off my list at some point in the day)

7. read a little bit of the book i'm supposed to be finished with thursday (for book club) (finished!)

bonus. install pulls on boxes

1 comment:

Jen said...

You are a girl after my own heart. I am really terrible at drinking only water. I love soda, mostly vanilla coke. If I knew I was going to die I would ask for one last soda....forget the water.