16 February 2009

random weekend photos

Our friends got a new puppy and brought him over to visit us! The boys loved petting him. Luke was a little nervous, but he really liked Jasper (the pup.)

Luke never keeps anything on (which is why he's naked in this picture) but he kept these goggles on long enough for me to take a picture. He's also been asking me to put scarves on his neck so he can walk around with them. Maybe he's really Italian.

Katie, Andy, and Ashley came to visit us this weekend. We went to a play (which was very funny - I was crying in a few parts), we played Rock Band a little, we made a big Indian Feast, and we made Valentine cookies. Dan and I also worked on fixing the door knob/lock on the bathroom door and we fixed the toilet (which has been broken since we moved in.) All of this made a large mess.

These were my favorite cookies. I used the recipe from Martha Stewart's Cookies and the Royal Frosting recipe from the same book (which I have been dying to try since the first cookies I saw that were iced like that.) It was A LOT of work! But after practicing on 40 or so cookies, they started looking pretty good.

Luke loved playing in the boxes. I hope he doesn't dump the contents out every day to get in them.

Here's what I sacrificed/neglected to have such a lovely weekend: Cleaning off every available space I have in my house (except the piano area, which I felt obliged to clean/pick up so I could show you a picture.) While I'm being honest, some of these areas have been neglected for several months and maybe even years.


sara said...

Great pictures! Your benches & boxes look amazing; what a great entry way! I just have to see your house in person one of these days. You have it fixed up so cute!

Marianne & Clayton said...

Thank you for posting reality. I need to do the same as I hope there will be an after picture sometime soon. And my house can put your house to shame right now. Nice try though.

Katie said...

That was a lot of fun! Thanks for having me. Things were the great Indian food and sugar cookies and everything.

Jan said...

I love love love the goggles picture :) How funny! Jodi's little boy really likes goggles, too. I'm sure she has a picture of him on her blog somewhere.

Jamie said...

The goggles are sooo funny! I like his cute little turtle smile.