20 March 2009

quilt progress

I've made 4 blocks (almost 5) in the last few days. Progress is going slower than I'd like because after Jack offered to help me, he changed his mind and wanted to make his own quilt. (He's been home all week due to a very annoying sickness.)

1. designed it (with a few tips from me - like no curves, a good starting size, etc.),
2. chose all the fabrics,
3. cut the colored blocks after tracing a template (I cut the white ones for him with a rotary cutter),
4. sewed all the blocks together in strips on the sewing machine,
5. ironed the seams (even with help from me he burned himself twice, not very badly),
6. sewed the strips together (I ironed the whole quilt after the burns.)

When Charlie saw Jack working on a quilt he wanted to make one too! I cut the strips from the fabric he picked but he wanted to use the sewing machine. So with me sitting right there making sure he stayed on the line, he sewed about 10 strips together.

Then Sam came home and wanted to make a quilt too! (Can you see why I only got 4 squares done?) He changed his mind and started a little dog stuffed animal (which I'll show you when he's done.)

Here is Jack's quilt top:

Here are my 4 squares:


Katie said...

That's so cute that they all want to make stuff, and that you are helping them. Jack's quilt looks really good!I like your squares, that will be a nice quilt.

carrie said...

I love the squares Leigh. Jack's too!

Tabitha said...

So cute! I can't even stAND it!!

sara said...

You're a good mom. And I love your squares; so happy/funky.

Stephanie said...

I think that is so amazing. You have such a flexible attitude. Allowing everyone to get in on the quilting takes lots of patience. You are an inspiration. No kidding.

LizzyHouse said...

WOAH!!! I totally love your four squares. Especially the color!