25 March 2009

short lived

On Saturday we went to a petstore we hadn't been to before. Sam really wanted a mouse (because he cost $2.49 and Sam could afford him). I told him he didn't have enough money for the mouse house, food, accessories, etc. I told Sam maybe we could start with something easier like fish. So each person picked out a standard-run-of-the-mill goldfish. The feeder fish that cost 16 cents.

After we told everyone they could pick one out, the guy there told us that gold fish wouldn't survive in a bowl without a filter very long. We thought we'd try it anyway - we figured they last a few weeks at least. Wrong.

Sunday morning we woke up to the first dead fish. And during church the other 3 died. Jack cried (surprising, I thought it would have been Sam) and the other 3 were relatively unaffected. We thought about replacing them with a betta fish because they live well in a bowl with no filter (and now we have a bowl). But no one's really said anything. So for now, we have an empty bowl, some blue rocks, a can of food, and some water conditioner (to take out the chlorine).

p.s. Sam's fish name was by far the best. He named his Jeff. Charlie named his Max, then Nick, then Nemo, then Bandit (and I'm sure it would have kept changing if the fish had lived longer). Jack never got around to naming his. Luke's was named Junior (by Dan and me - though Dan wanted it to be Dan Jr.)


Katie said...

That's a great story. That's so cute that Jack cried. And I love that Charlie named his Bandit.

Heidi said...

That is definitely cute.

Not to be a downer but I disagree about the reason for the deaths...

I had goldfish that lived in a bowl very similar to yours for nearly 3 years! And, Henry has had goldfish in a bowl filter-less tank for 6 months now.

Did you use tap water for the fish bowl? Did you treat it with something? I'm guessing it's the water that killed the fish not the lack of a filter... just a guess though.

Jan said...

Hey, you could get a beta fish and not have a filter, Leigh. Jimmy and I had a blue beta named Cosmo for like, 2 years. They're the beautiful kinds of fishes they sell in little tiny cups and you always feel like freeing them all because they looked too squished.

You just can't put them in a bowl together or they fight to the death. Cosmo was actually bought nasty as a joke by Jimmy's friends. Cosmo used to have a red comrad in arms named Swoop. USED to have a comrad in arms..... (Swoop wasn't as strong as Cosmo, I guess...)

Jan said...

P.S. - I saw that you mentioned the Beta - I'm just validating your beta comment, lol