18 March 2009

sick Jack

Jack's still sick. I'll be taking him to the doctor today to see if there's anything they can do for him. But I think if I could pick any of the kids being sick, it would be cute Jack.

Yesterday he went grocery shopping with me, helped me bring all the food in, even put away everything that goes in the pantry without being asked. He is such a helpful guy (I heard he was helpful while we were gone too.) He also just offered to help me with a quilt I'm going to start.

Besides telling you how great Jack is I wanted to give you a book recommendation from him. If you have boys, you should get The Dangerous Book for Boys (and they also have a girl version.)

In it are such things as: hunting a rabbit and then making rabbit stew, the seven wonders of the world, making a bow and arrow, stories about historical happenings, making the perfect paper airplane, doing coin tricks. Some chapters are short and other are longer. If you don't already have this book, Jack thinks you should go out and get it. (I'm not sure they're still selling it at Costco, but I have seen it there in the past.)


Tabitha said...

We have the girl one! And I have seen the boy one... I wanted to get it for Jake when he is a little older and can read it on his own! I also think they are perfect books!

orangeemily said...

Jack really is so helpful! and really easy going. There seems to be a pattern in the elmer family for the easy going to be very appreciated :)Jack is great!