12 June 2009

addiction or obsession?

Either way it's bad. I joined a fabric swap for OOP and HTF fabrics. In case you're not as nerdy as me in fabric jargon - OOP is out of print and HTF is hard to find.

So I joined this swap on flickr. The idea is to trade some of your fabrics so that you can get more of the ones you might be missing. I had a few of these fabrics and was missing a few others, and so I began swapping. And as I checked that flickr page (at least every 5 minutes for 5 straight days) I realized that there was a lot of other fabric that I never even knew that I needed. And so I began buying fabric. Especially Japanese fabric. (Sometimes I wonder why I wasn't born Japanese. It is the first foreign country I was ever interested in visiting and I love pretty much anything made or designed there. I knew there was some great Japanese fabric out there, but it's more expensive, so I didn't go looking for it.)

I am admitting this addiction/obsession here because I want to stop. I have neglected the house, the laundry (thanks Dan for doing it this week), my husband, and my kids, and all sorts of other things. I think I need to quit the group, or at least only check it once a day or less. I need to start using my stash instead of just collecting.

And so I'm going to really try to sew this summer and use up at least 1 box of fabric. (I have several boxes, but will not admit to an exact number. It may or may not be in the double digits.)

Today I made aprons for the boys. That takes up lots of fabric, especially when they're reversible.

Thanks for listening. Hopefully I will get back on track this weekend!


Peruchos said...

I LOVE the fabric! How fun! I love the aprons, too! Did you buy the pattern or make it? I need to find one to make for Jesusito...he would just love that!

Kristine Hanson said...

yeah you got some of the elephant fabric, very cute!

Tabitha said...

All I can say is that you need a girl!! Get crackin!

Ashley said...

Very cute aprons! You know, if you really want to use up fabric, you could always make me a dress or skirts...just an idea. ;)