28 June 2009

father's day dinner

Yes, I realize I'm a week late with this, but here it goes:

We had a little of this from the garden

a few of these from the garden

and a few of these hot off the grill.

To make the chicken you clean the bird out, oil it up with olive oil, and rub on some salt, pepper, and spices (I used basil and oregano on one and thyme and sage on the other). Then you set it on top of a can of Diet Pepsi. (The recipe actually calls for a can of beer, but as beer is non existent in our house and Diet Pepsi is plentiful, we opted for Diet Pepsi. Actually - for 1 can we emptied the Diet Pepsi and filled it up with orange juice. They both tasted the same and neither one tasted of Diet Pepsi or orange juice.)

Then you put the chicken sitting on the can on the grill. You turn off the burner directly under the chicken and keep the side burners on low. Ours took about 50 minutes and it was SO good!


Crystal said...

I've heard that is good, but the chickens look so funny just sitting up on the grill.

Jamie said...

those chickens look very large and yummy. What a beautiful lettuce too! I've not yet grown one so beautiful.

Peruchos said...

how big was the chicken? How did you get it to stay up? That looks like it would be a fun recipe!

emily and logan said...

poor little chickens!

shanna said...