05 August 2009

catch up

Wow - it's been a busy couple of weeks! Dan had to go out of town for 9 days! It was a very long time, but I handled it just fine. As long as I know in advance, I'm okay with it. I'm not sure we did anything fun, but we survived and I got some sewing done. And we got to have a little visit with Grammie. Just like the old days, go out to lunch and then go shopping. (Also in the old days we would have spent the night, too bad I couldn't do that.) I also got my first tomato from my garden that week.

The weekend Dan came home I had family swim party, a family BBQ with fireworks and a kid pool, a really great friend came to visit, a birthday breakfast, a birthday lunch (because we accidentally slept through the birthday breakfast), another family party with an auction (so fun - you need to do one), a missionary farewell complete with a brunch afterwards, and a baby blessing! It was a little hectic! But great fun. Plus, all my sibs but one was in town and Dan's fam was here too. Crazy.

This is my friend Sara's kids with mine. She was here from Phoenix and we rarely get to see each other. I'm glad we got to hang out!

Sara and I have know each other for 20 years! Pretty crazy.

The day after the hectic weekend we left for a family reunion with my dad's family. Which I will be posting next!


sara said...

It was so great to see you. We'll have to do it again, sooner this time!

Jan said...

Hey, where does our awesome family reunion fit in there??

Jan said...

Bah-ha, I'm a moron. "Family Party." I like how with us it's a party. Cool!