31 August 2009

Lincoln City, Oregon

I'm finally getting around to our beach trip to Lincoln City. I've been dying to go to the beach and have begged Dan every summer to take us. This summer it finally worked out and we went with all my family (except Z and fam). Thanks mom and dad and everyone else for a great time!

This was one of the sunny days.

This was the first day we went out to the beach. It was rainy and cold and the boys loved it! Charlie, Sam, and Luke have never been to the ocean and I don't think they've been to a sandy beach before.

Sam was soaked.

This is one of the only photos I got of Jack. He's here with cousin Jordan.

Luke hated the waves and the water and would only go near them if Dan was holding him.

Charlie and cousin Grant.

So industrious in the sand. They were at it for days.

I made Dan into a muscly merman because everyone else was too busy or scared to get covered.

And Luke had a birthday! YAY!


Dukes said...

Wow, fun! I never knew you were a sculptor too ;)

Peruchos said...

Lincoln City is my FAVORITE beach vacation spot ever! I love that place! I'm glad that you got to get away and have fun!:)