26 September 2009


for my mom coming to help us for over a week
for my mother-in-law coming to help for a week
for getting my stitches out and my scar healing rather quickly
for my ward finishing (for the most part) our fence (photos coming someday)
for dan
for the greatest ward ever
for several lovely floral bouquets, a fruit basket, and some caramel apples
for having to stay in the hospital only 1 night
for sleep
for scarves and turtlenecks (both of which I have never really been fond)
for modern medicine (surgery, pain pills, good doctors and nurses, and thyroid medication)
for you and all your nice comments, emails, thoughts, and prayers

thank you, really.


sara said...

Oh you should buy a ton of scarves; I always think they look so cute on people. But I'm sure your scar will look just fine once it's all healed up.

Wonderful list; I'm happy that you have been so blessed.

Jaime said...

I stumbled upon your blog from another...I have a blog so please don't think I'm a crazy person commenting, I hate when that happens :) I am also a LDS mom who loves to sew and I read a little about what you've been going through...though mine is not the same nor do I compare, but I can relate...since I had my first baby girl (9yearsago) my body ate my thyroid and I've been on thyroid medication ever since and will have to always be. I'm glad they have it or I would not have been blessed with the three baby boys I've had since, but I will say it takes time to adjust, it took awhile to get to and maintain my new "normal" - the pills are kind of a pain everyday, but again, I'm grateful I have them! Good luck with everything!

Marianne & Clayton said...

I am grateful you are well!

Ashley said...

Hey leigh. Im glad you are hanging in there. Also, i had a friend who went through a similar thing and had to do the radioactive iodine. Anyway i just wanted to give you her email address in case you wanted to talk to someone who knows about it if you felt comfortable. I've given her a heads up that you might. goober_jones@msn.com.

We love you and keep you in our prayers.