04 November 2009

It's true. Luke is getting old.

And it's sad. Happy and sad. He's so cute and says all these cute little things, and I can usually tell what he means. And then he won't stop talking, and says all the same things over and over, throws tantrums left and right, regular 2 year old stuff.

Recently I gave him a haircut. I did it when Dan was out of town. I'm sure everyone in the world is mad at me, but I'm telling you - after a certain point curly haired guys get to be stringy shaggy haired guys and it's not cute. I figured if I buzzed it, it will all grow out evenly for the next time it's curly. It worked for Charlie. I'm hoping it works for Luke (although Charlie's was always curlier.)

Other things that make Luke seem old:

he no longer has baby chub,
he wears underwear (he really wants to potty train - not great timing for me),
he reads books to himself,
he watches TV (he has never been interested before now),
he wears 3T clothes,
he wants to be a ninja.

Luckily he still has his blankie and thumb to make him seem babyish. And he still likes to cuddle.


Kristine Hanson said...

what a cutie pie...loving all the underwear shots! Nothing cuter than a little guy in big boy underwear, love it!

Taylor and Jessica Malungahu said...

He is so adorable and has grown up so fast! I think about you all the time and keep meaning to call you. You are just amazing person! On top of everything you are dealing with you still manage to amaze me. I think you accomplish more in a day than I do in a year. I love Luke's pictures he is reminding me a lot of Isaac who is potty training. The bummer is he was completely potty trained when Vai was in the hospital and I was home and as soon as I went back to work he reverted. So now it has been 4 days and hopefully it will last!

Meg & Josh said...

Oh, he is SO cute! I just love him!