08 December 2009


It isn't the first snow we've had but it's been the best one so far. Snowing all night and still snowing. Charlie and Luke wanted to play in it. When they came in they both said they had fun. And they both got some hot chocolate.

This first shot was to show you the fence. Still only partially painted and needing some trim, which we hope to finish up in the spring.

Cute Charlie.

We did put in a little mini sled hill for the guys to sled down. It's perfect. (below)

These next 3 pictures are Luke trying to figure out how to smile.
No.1: Luke says, "huh?" (his most often used word)

No. 2:
No. 3


carrie said...

he looks like Sam in pic no. 2. cute.

sara said...

Such cute pics. And the candy-in-beltloop one too :)

katie said...

I was thinking he looked like Sam too in no 2. The last one is my favorite!

Casey said...

smiling is hard to do when your cheeks are frozen stiff. cute fence too, you finally got it up.