03 February 2010

getting along

A few days ago I taught Jack how to make his own scrambled eggs with cheese. The next day he was in there teaching Sam and Charlie how to do it. Everyone had a job and they all cleaned it up after!

Sam grated the cheese.

Jack and Charlie both cracked eggs. Jack stirred and Sam and Charlie sprinkled the cheese in.

Sam and Luke sitting in front of the heat register. Everyone loves to sit in front of it when it's blowing warm air, but it's most often Sam. And he usually has a blanket too.

Charlie and Luke laying in Luke's bed. Charlie's reading Luke Little Critter. He has ALL of the Little Critter books we have memorized.

p.s. These results are not typical. But who wants to see them beating each other and screaming at each other on the blog?


carrie said...

Luke, can I have a bite of your pizza?

angela said...

How cute! yep - we have a lot of beating and screaming moments...it's fun to see the nice ones!

Nicole said...

Little Critter is one of my most favorite!

Stephanie said...

Luke, do you have I Was So Mad? It is one of my favorites.