22 February 2010

I was lazy today, but then I made up for it

This morning I hung out with Dan until 10:30. Then I called my bff from 20 years ago and we talked on the phone for an embarrassingly long amount of time. When it was almost time for the kids to come home from school I figured I'd better get something done today.

So I built a shelf to go under my sink, cleaned the bottom shelf (I have never cleaned it in 5 years of living here, but Dan probably has) and organized all the stuff under there. There's even extra space!

After all the stuff had a place to go I cleaned the bathroom! It is my most hated job of all time, but I did it. It may never happen again.

Then I decided that the broom closet/cleaning closet needed some cleaning and organizing. So I cleaned it and organized it. Amazing. It looks so lovely (as lovely as a cleaning closet can look).

Finally, I made dinner for the boys (thank goodness for frozen burritos - I'll have to get some more of those.) Have I told you how Charlie requests "brocamole" nearly every day? That's all he ate.

I got even more stuff done after that, but I can't show it to you yet.

I feel like this post needs a photo but I can't think of a good one. Sorry.


Tabitha said...

I must admit, I was scrolling down for a photo:) You have energy that I don't.... I need to borrow some;}

sara said...

It was lovely chatting. I'm just glad I got all the laundry folded & put away while we talked; that was about the only thing I got done!

Marianne & Clayton said...

I did my dishes. Since I'm sick I think it's a huge accomplishment, but sadly it's a big accomplishment any day. You reminded me that I was going to put a new shelf in my pantry. Need to finish that soon. Awesome, as always. Thanks for the motivation!

tasha said...

my house so needs some of that!! yes, thank goodness for frozen stuff....and little ceasars!!!

Casey said...

Way to be productive! It's amazing what you can get done once you get started. I need to write a talk for Sunday, but I'd much rather build shelves, clean closets, read and write blogs than even think about writing a talk on repentance...maybe once I start it'll be easier than I'm imagining...or maybe not.