24 March 2010

how to patch a shirt

A few years ago I bought this adorable turtleneck for Charlie. The first time he wore it he cut 2 small holes in it with a pair of scissors. I vowed to fix it, but I wasn't sure how.

Finally, about a month ago, I figured it out. I knew I could applique some sort of animal shape (and what animal shape would be approriate for grey, red, and white stripes?) but I hadn't thought of the square background. The final shape needed to cover the holes AND the embroidered bear in the corner.

I was working with my friend Tabby on making some 1 onesies and had this aha moment. I also love the etsy seller moonmum and have been wondering how to use some of her designs on something without outright copying her. I tried to change her robot up a little, so it wasn't exactly the same. I LOVE how it turned out.

So if your 3 year old cuts your favorite striped shirt (I think each of my kids has done it) now you'll still be able to save it!


Kristin said...

Hey, it was nice to hear from you on my blog today. I'm sorry I don't comment too often on yours either. But, I do like to pop in every now and then to see what you're up to, and see all the awesome things you make. I don't really like to sew. I wish I lived close-by you, so you could make my kid's clothes cute when they get holes in them! And, to answer your question - yes, I must admit, girl clothes are really fun (overwhelming at first - I was really comfortable with the boy department - but I adjusted no problem!).

andy said...

Smart thinking but I can't wait to see when it has patches all over the place!