27 April 2010

funnies (mostly from Charlie)

Charlie to my friend Crystal (who was babysitting him): My mom had 2 babies who died and one's name was Slappy.

in Charlie's defense - we'd told the boys about miscarriages and that I'd had 2 (a long time ago). I think Dan actually told them one of the babies was named Slappy (don't remember the other name he told them.)

We just got to meet our new baby girl cousin Callie. Charlie watched me as I was changing her diaper. He says: her private parts haven't grown in yet - but they will :)

Preface: Last year I got Dan some squirrel underpants - because that's the kind of silly thing Dan likes. So one day Dan took the boys to the park and they saw a squirrel. Charlie said (in all seriousness): We should have brought your squirrel underpants!!! (So that they could put them on that poor naked squirrel).

Laura (Dan's sister) was babysitting the boys one night while we were in Cali. Charlie got mad about something and told Laura that he hated her. Sam says: Charlie that's not nice, you don't hate Laura. If you hated Laura that would mean you hated all of her stuff, like her video games, and her Wii, and her computer, and her piano, and Super Mario. Don't say that.


Tabitha said...

I love the things the kids come up with!!! It's fun to remember as well! Kepp writing everything down!

Nicole said...

Your kids really crack me up

Marianne & Clayton said...

Haven't grown in yet, but they will. How much more classic can a line get?

And I love that Laura is the coolest of cool aunts. How could she not be?

tasha said...