29 April 2010

wedding stuff

Well - Katie got married last Saturday. To another Dan. Now we have 2 Dans. They are good for each other (Katie and Dan, not the 2 Dans). Of course, I got no photo of them or her bouquet, so you'll have to wait until I get the photos from the photographer. But I did get these photos (with my new camera, which I really like!)

Jordan, Grammie, Jack, and Sam

Jack and Jordan (Jamie's oldest) are great friends

Sam and Uncle Zach (who was lots of fun since he didn't have to coral his own kids.)

The boutonniere for the 2 dads

The corsage for the 2 moms

Dan was smart and brought airheads. Everyone was happy about that.

And we had a surprise visit from an old friend. It was really great to see Diane!


carrie said...

I love the mums! And Leigh, you look fantastic. Your hair is long! Really cute picture of you.

Amanda said...

Grammie is looking great, surrounded by such handsome boys. Charlie looks like a newt with his bleu toungue, and you will now have to specify Vintage Dan and Dan the New.

sara said...

Okay Leigh, you look so great! Skinny and pretty hair! I'm glad you included a picture of yourself. The flowers look great too :) Congrats to the newlyweds!

Tabitha said...

You look cute! Love your curls!